We’re hiring!

Mayvue Solutions is seeking highly motivated individuals to join our team.

As a company, we are in a unique position. We have the “startup vibe”, but our team is comprised of experienced individuals and we have virtually no funding concerns. Our hard work has us poised for explosive growth and we’re seeking individuals that recognize the opportunity and want to work alongside us to ensure we reach our potential.


Hunger. Ambition. Drive. We want people that are never happy with the status quo and are constantly striving to be better and to be more than they are now.

Quality. We want your ‘A’ game and we want to be impressed. We want you to excel, and we will do everything we can to help you excel.

Team-Focus. We want you to be a team-player. No drama, no BS, no run-around. Our team will always be available to you, and you should be always available to them.

Common Sense. Use your head. We’re adults, we’re working towards the same goal, we will never micromanage you, and you should never need to be micromanaged.

Adaptability. We are a start-up, there will be many curveballs that will be sent our way. We need you to be able to adapt and respond to these. There will be times that you will be over your head, despite your best efforts. We need you to call for help.

As a team member at Mayvue Solutions, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to software that is used by a trillion-dollar industry and a critical component of the global economy.

Your growth here will only be limited by your desires and career aspirations.


Ultimate Flexibility. We don’t care where you live. We don’t care what schedule you need. We care about the job getting done. Work how you need to achieve results.

Every team member is an integral part of the company. You are not a cog. You are not a number. Any colleague can provide significant value to our company, any colleague can help us grow. We will reward you for your successes but will not hesitate to suggest areas to improve. The more that you are a part of us, the more rewarded you will be.

Great benefits. We offer unlimited time-off. Work hard, play hard; work and play as you deem fit. We offer a full benefits package including medical, dental, vision and 401k matching.

Competitive compensation. We aim to ensure that our entire package is competitive. We offer competitive base salaries, as well as results-driven bonuses.

Evolution and growth. As we evolve and grow as a company, we will take you along with us.

Don’t see a posting that matches your professional experiences, but still think you’re a fit for Mayvue? Great! Simply email us at and we’ll be in touch.

Mayvue participates in EVerify, Right to work – English | Spanish